When buying or selling a home, having home insurance is generally necessary to cover or insure real estate, for example a new or second-hand house. This insurance is particularly essential for many reasons. Moreover, the law requires that the subscription to this home insurance be made before signing the deed of sale with the notary.

Why cover your home before signing with the notary?

Taking out home insurance is not always compulsory. But this is strongly recommended thanks to the multiple advantages it offers you. For example, if your home is ever hit by a natural disaster, it is home insurance that will cover compensation for the damage. If you have not yet taken out home insurance, all often very expensive repairs to your home will therefore be your responsibility. To avoid this, it is best to take out an insurance contract. Indeed, the decision to take out insurance therefore depends on your preference. On the other hand, taking out home insurance can sometimes be an obligation in certain situations. Indeed, this is often mandatory for all tenants as well as buyers of real estate. If you are a home buyer, you must therefore take out home insurance before signing the deed of sale with the notary.

How to cover a house before signing at the notary?

When purchasing a home, either the buyer takes out his own insurance but if the seller already has home insurance, he is then able to automatically transfer the insurance guarantee to the buyer in agreement with him and the insurer. To do this, he must notify his insurer of the sale.

To inform the insurer, the seller uses a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt which contains the estimated date of the sale as well as the contact details of the new owner. This process is called termination of an insurance contract. Thus, it will be the buyer who will become the new person insured by home insurance. But if the premium rate and the terms of the former owner's insurance contract do not suit the buyer, he also has the right to refuse the automatic transfer. In this case, he must then find another home insurance to cover his new home before signing the authentic deed of sale with the notary.

What are the benefits of purchasing home insurance?

Taking out home insurance is a guarantee of security. This is therefore an excellent solution for feeling safe in your home. Since you are now responsible for damage to your home during the periods you occupy it, you must pay all damage costs that may occur there. Fortunately, your home is covered by your insurance coverage. So, it is the insurer who compensates the costs of repairing the damage. In addition, the insurance will also protect or cover the replacement of your movable property (furniture) in the event of a disaster such as theft. In short, home insurance is therefore a better ally to support you in this type of situation.

Where to take out your home insurance before going to the notary?

Choosing home insurance, when you are about to buy real estate such as a house or an apartment, is sometimes more difficult than it seems! Indeed, it is even quite common to see certain individuals find themselves in increasingly difficult situations than each other when it comes to choosing among different home insurance available on the current market.

Fortunately, today, Allianz allows you to feel safe in your home thanks to its home insurance which remains very accessible ! However, you should know that to take out home insurance, this is not the only possible choice, quite the contrary…

Local insurance agencies

If you wish to go to a local agency to take out your home insurance for your apartment or house, then this will be possible! In fact, all you need to do is make an appointment in an Allianz agency for example, and highlight the different needs that you will have… However, if you have a complicated schedule, it may turn out to be more complicated than expected!

Online home insurance comparators

In recent years, you must have heard about it! Indeed, comparators have been able to multiply in a rather crazy and impressive way, and this, in all possible and imaginable areas... On the other hand, if these home insurance comparators appear to be very good solutions at the start, it is necessary also know that this can also really play tricks on you. Once you have been able to provide your information to choose your home insurance, it will sometimes be very difficult for you to really compare the various home insurance from other insurers. Furthermore, the prices charged are ultimately not always very attractive, because it depends on the insurers who agree to be present on these online comparators.

Online insurers

Finally, if you go directly to the Allianz website to take out home insurance before going to the notary, you You can be sure of getting the best value for money. Indeed, this online insurance does everything possible to offer you quality services, and which are really adapted to the needs that you may have in the context of insuring your new house or apartment, even before to go to the notary…

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